Book Review: Pearls of Juggling

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27967634While there´s a broad range of literature for beginners of juggling, advanced jugglers often have to seek for inspiration at workshops, festivals and of course YouTube.

In 2015 by releasing his book called Pearls of Juggling, Anthony Trahair provided a new resource that inspires jugglers who like to connect juggling with movement, theatre and comedy. As its subheading reveals, Pearls of Juggling is mainly written for performers and enthusiasts. Also beginners will find useful advice and techniques for their juggling, but they shouldn´t expect to get explained any specific tricks.

The book covers a large range of ideas to stimulate creativity within movement, acting, comedy and music and last but not least techniques and tips on how to build up and work on a routine. Anthony Trahair also empathetically took up the classical issue of dropping on stage and how to deal with its causes.The “pearls” are written in short sequences so you might put all of them into practise or just pick out those that fit your preferences. The book itself is very handy and ideal to take along.

Another aspect of Pearls of Juggling is that it´s full of paintings and drawings done by artists from the Scuola Internazionale di Comics. The illustrations are both humorous and colourful and make the book really come to live.

Pearls of Juggling
One of the great artworks of the book

I bought Pearls of Juggling at the EJC in Bruneck. I really appreciate how it focuses on the fun and joy of juggling. It further motivates to experiment a lot with juggling and makes available the kind of knowledge that normally only comes along with workshops.


  • Title: Pearls of Juggling
  • Author: Anthony Trahair
  • Language: Available in English and Italian
  • Pages: 142
  •  ISBN: 9781927967492